One Year After Being Adopted, This Rescue Dog Still Thanks His Owner By Hugging Her When She Gets Home

"This is our daily ritual."

Adopted pets are very grateful to have a forever home and that couldn't be more true of Kylo. One year after being adopted by Meghan Sweers and her husband, Kevin, the mixed-breed pooch still shows his happiness for his owners by hugging his mom when she comes home every single day.

Given that Kylo is thought to be Brindle Boxer-Amstaff mix, this is no small hug, but Sweers doesn't mind. She frequently posts photos of Kylo cuddling up to her on social media and people are loving the tender moments.

In a recent Instagram post, Sweers explains about Kylo's adorable habit.

"As soon as I sit to take of my shoes, Kylo climbs into my lap to be held," she wrote.

And if Sweers doesn't cuddle, Kylo will make it clear what he wants to do. She told The Dodo:

“If I don’t sit down for our cuddle time, he follows me around with the saddest, most pathetic look on his face until I give in and hold him."

Kylo is clearly smitten in his forever home, but he went through some hardships early on. He was surrendered to a shelter at 10 months old. After going from the shelter to foster care, he spent months there until the Sweers came and adopted him from Alive Rescue Memphis.

Now, he is enjoying every moment cuddling with his family.

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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