In One Tweet, He Summed Up The Problem With 'Thoughts And Prayers' After A Shooting

To echo President Obama: we have to decide what kind of country we want to be.

Each time an act of violence occurs, there is no shortage of "thoughts and prayers" going out to the victims and their families. And while they decidedly do offer comfort and consolation to those affected, the bevy of statements from lawmakers sending thoughts and prayers, over and over again, instead of taking concrete action to curb more such incidents, can feel like rubbing salt on an already-festering wound. 

On early Monday morning, news broke of a shooting outside Club Blu, a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida. The club was hosting an event for teenagers; a "no ID required" party, according to NBC News. A 14-year-old and 18-year-old lost their lives. At least 17 were injured, the youngest of them 12 years old.


In one tweet, Florida Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy fired off a sentiment many have similarly expressed in the wake of recent shootings — that thoughts and prayers simply aren't good enough.

Frustration with Congress' baffling lack of action on gun control bubbles over every time a (mass) shooting occurs. Murphy has advocated for stronger gun control laws in the past as well. 

"Joined @RepLoisFrankel &@RepTedDeutch to demand Congress take immediate action to #EndGunViolence, starting with closing the terrorist gun loophole. #NoFlyNoBuy," he wrote on Instagram photo recently. 

Murphy, pictured, stands with a photo of an Orlando shooting victim during the night of remembrance hosted by the LGBT Equality Caucus last week.

Murphy is one of the many Democrats in Congress making the push for further gun control legislation

Following the violence in Orlando where a man opened fire at Pulse, a gay nightclub, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy (no relation) led the effort in the House for a vote on gun control

A Plus has reached out to Rep. Murphy for comment.


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