Rep. Val Demings, A Former Police Chief, Invokes Reagan On The Issue Of Gun Violence

"We sit here with the ability and the power to do something."

Rep. Val Demings, a former law enforcement officer, gave a powerful speech on gun violence in America.

Demings, who once served as a police chief in Orlando, said she was "sick and tired" of watching Americans die due to gun violence. 

"My colleagues on the other side of the aisle can't tell me about rights," Rep. Demings, a Democrat, said. "Because you know what, I can't help but think about the rights of the victims who died at the hands of someone with a gun who should have never had a gun in the first place."

Demings even invoked former President Ronald Reagan, quoting his calls for the passage of legislation even if it meant only small reductions in gun violence. Nearly 1,200 people 18 years old and younger died of gun violence in the year since the massacre at Parkland High School in Florida, according to McClatchy. 

"We sit here with the ability and the power to do something," Demings employed fellow members of Congress.

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