Photographer Used The Likes Of McDonald's And Taco Bell To Say Something Pretty Major About Society

Are YOU lovin' it?

Brooklyn-based photographer Rebecca Ruetten knows that Renaissance paintings and plates full of fast food might seem an unlikely pair, but she combined them very intentionally.

Towards the end of the Renaissance, she wrote in her Behance portfolio, many painters focused on portraying people of the lower classes -- an apparent rarity for the period overall. Those same classes, she says, today are fed in part by fast food, inspiring her McDonald's/Michelangelo mashup "Contemporary Pieces."


"To eat healthy is expensive," explained Ruetten on her portfolio. "However, one can buy large amounts of food at a fast food restaurant for a comparatively low price."

Despite the mass amounts of fast food that must have been purchased for her grease-heavy photo shoot, she says that most of her friends actually don't like to eat to eat it.

"In their eyes, Fast Food in the United States is comprised of genetically modified items that are designed only for mass consumption. To them, the food becomes a non-edible object and loses its value as being considered Food," Ruetten wrote.

Definitely some (ahem) food for thought!

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