500 Family Members, All Descendants Of One Man, Took This Epic Reunion Photo

The family members range from the 25th to the 31st generations.

If you think your family reunions are large, just wait until you see what one family's in China's was like. Approximately 500 descendants from one male ancestor, with the name Ren, came together to take an epic family photo.


People's Daily China reports that relatives with the last Ren gathered on Jan. 31 during the Spring Festival holiday at a village in Shengzhou, Zhejiang China, where the family originates.

According to Mashable, the Ren family can trace their lineage across 13 genealogy scrolls. It's estimated that over 1,000 people in seven generations from the Ren dynasty are still alive today. The big family gathering was organized by Ren Tuanjie who wanted to document all of the relatives, including those who have left the village. 

When it came time for the photo, it reportedly took 30 minutes to get everyone assembled and posed. The incredible photo of the group includes about 500 people from the 25th to the 31st generations.

Mashable points out that "Ren" actually means unity so the massive family photo couldn't be more appropriate.


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