Health Care Nonprofit Hosts 1000th Free Clinic

"It's a great deal because I can get my vision checked, my glasses, and then I can study for my CDL."

Free health clinics are popping up in American towns where access to health care is lacking in an effort to treat some of the most underserved communities in the United States.

Remote Area Medical Clinic, also known as RAM, is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteer medical professionals and students who travel across the country to underserved communities. There, they  provide pop-up medical clinics offering an array of needs: various dental, vision and health care, and sometimes even veterinarian services. 

In February, RAM provided their 1,000th pop-up medical clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 2014, the aid group was featured in The New York Times, and over the last few years it has grown in prominence and recognition across the United States.

RAM was initially founded in 1985 to address needs in developing countries but began operating in underserved American communities. Now you can find RAM giving X-rays, dental care, and vaccinations in poorer, rural towns across America. The organization is funded entirely through donations and run by volunteers. Thousands of patients have been treated across the United States alone.

In early March, the clinic popped up in Rockingham, Virginia. One patient, Reginald Washington, told WHSV News why the clinic was such a big deal.

"It's a great deal because I can get my vision checked, my glasses, and then I can study for my CDL," Washington, said. "Then I can take care of my own self and start paying for my own vision bills."

Cover image via Fabrizio Misson / Shutterstock.


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