Here Is How Hilarious Tetris Looks In Real Life

Who thinks of this stuff?

Imagine you're in your car sitting at a red light. Suddenly it turns green, but you can't move forward. Why not? Because there is a giant human Tetris wall in front of you.

It sounds absurd and unlikely, but for a few drivers in France it was a reality. That's because YouTube star Rémi Gaillard had organizing a moving, human version of the game Tetris. 

"I did Mario Kart, Pac Man and Sonic the Hedgehog in videos and Tetris was the last "old school" video game that I liked," Gaillard told A Plus. "I also love to get dressed up, and getting dressed in Tetris brick seemed to be really dumb, so I did it."

Gaillard, a 40-year-old from Montpellier, France, got into YouTube when he realized TV shows were stealing his ideas. Since then, he has accrued over four million subscribers and hasn't looked back. 

You'll notice that some people in the video don't seem particularly pleased with the intrusion of the Tetris blocks. According to Gaillard, that's nothing new, and was actually pretty mild in this video compared to others. 

"Well that was a pretty nice video, I try to be nice with them and most of time they are fine with it," Gaillard said. "Except the guy eating in the video, he was really pissed of and wanted to fight, so I paid for his lunch."


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