What Being In A Relationship Is Like: Expectations Vs. Reality

It's not exactly all rainbows and butterflies.

How you meet your partner expectations:


How you meet them in reality:

Date night expectations:

Date night in reality:

Meeting their friends expectations:

Meeting their friends in reality:

Terms of endearment expectations:

Terms of endearment in reality:

Holding hands expectations:

Holding hands in reality:

Oh, we still do that?

Saying "I love you" expectations:

Saying "I love you" in reality:

Hold on a sec, I'm chewing.

Moving in together expectations:

Moving in together in reality:

Sharing a bed expectations:

Sharing a bed in reality:

Cuddling expectations:

Cuddling in reality:

Sexy time expectations:

Sexy time in reality:

Maybe next time, bro. 

Getting ready to see them expectations:

Getting ready to see them in reality:

Getting into a fight expectations:

Getting in a fight in reality:

Gift expectations:

Gifts in reality:


But one thing will actually get better...

How much you'll care about them expectations:

How much you'll care in reality:


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