OUCH! Video Shows How Women Turn Men Down In 8 Different Countries

No, nein, nyet, non.

There are a lot of things to appreciate about foreign cultures: new cuisines, different customs, rich languages, and insanely strong liquors are just a few things to appreciate about travel or meeting people from other countries. But there's also one thing that isn't as appreciated as it could be: the way people around the world reject romantic proposals.

Dating Beyond Borders, who previously captured awful international pickup lines and the amusing side of the perils of cross-cultural romance have been kind enough to offer up this gem that gives guys a glimpse of how they might be rejected in bars around the world. 


Did you say "not yet" or "nyet?"

"いいえ." "Does that mean ... oh, it means 'no.' "

Netflix and chill? Mais non.

Watch these rejections and more:

How do you handle an unwelcome advance? Let us know in the comments.


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