This Is How A 'Princess' Celebrates Her Sweet 16

Anything for royalty.

This is Reginae Carter and yes, she is her daddy's princess.


Reginae is the daughter of the "Greatest Rapper Alive" Lil Wayne and businesswoman Toya Wright.

She just turned 16 and threw one of THE most epic MTV "My Super Sweet 16" parties in the show's history.

She did want a few things for her birthday, though.

Like a Ferrari. 

And all of her friends to know she was going to throw the dopest party they have ever seen.

They know now!

She just needed her dad to throw down some change for the party.

How could one say "no" to that adorable face?

The love is beyond real.

As Reginae says in the episode, embedded below: "He showers me with. Whatever. I. Want."

But before the party happens, Cinderella had to prepare for the ball! There were performances to rehearse.

Outfits to try on.

Nails to be done.

Venues to transform into ballrooms.

And some more outfits to try on.

It isn't easy being a princess!

Will it all get done in time?

Find out in the episode below. It is full of celebrity surprises from Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Wayne and more.


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