Passersby Flipped When They Saw A 'Refugees Are Scum' Sign, But It's Their Reactions To 'Help Refugees' That Is Even More Telling

"They are waste on the economy."

This powerful social experiment comes to us from the international aid agency Act for Peace.

Armed with a sign that reads "Refugees Are Scum," a young man is seen walking around Sydney Town Hall. Actuality, he's an actor, and a hidden camera is filming the reactions of those who pass by. 

Judging by the reactions captured in the video, Australians are not OK with this offensive sign.

"Refugees are scum? Why?" a passerby asks. "You are fu**ing ridiculous. Fu**ing disgrace."

But when the same guy flips the sign over and it now reads "Help Refugees," the reactions — or lack thereof — may well be more upsetting, because no one even bothers to look at the man twice.

"We understand that some Australians may be offended or shocked by this footage. We are more offended however, that the world's most vulnerable people are not adequately supported," Alistair Gee, the Executive Director of Act for Peace, is quoted as saying on their YouTube channel.

Watch the entire video below.


The video sparked some controversy among YouTube users, with many of them responding negatively to how violently some passersby reacted to the "Refugees Are Scum" sign. 

What do you, guys, think?

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(H/T: Mashable)


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