This Couple's Story Is A Perfect Example Of How Human Connection Transcends International Boundaries

A story of love that is trying to overcome borders.

Love is known to break down barriers, and, as evidenced by a recent video, it can transcend borders, too. 

In a recent CNN profile, one couple fell in love in the most unusual of settings: a refugee camp. Carly Harris and Soufiane El Yassami met at a refugee camp in Greece.

Harris, a Mormon student living in Utah, and El Yassami, a fast food cook living in Morocco, hit it off. El Yassami was looking for asylum in Europe or a visa in the United States, but he was arrested and sent back to Morocco before they could have their first kiss.

"I just wish that there were no borders," Harris says. "That we could all just see that we're the same."

Once they were separated, the two kept in touch by video chatting online. Harris told CNN that one night, she almost told El Yassami she loved him before realizing how crazy that was: they'd hardly spent any time together. 

"I kept waiting for something to happen, for him to say something, that would make me not like him anymore," Harris told USA Today.  "And it just never did. He just kept making me like him more and more."

But eventually, she made it to Morocco so they could visit together. Harris knows people probably think that El Yassami is just trying to get citizenship in America, but she also insists that if anyone saw them talking, they'd see their love.

"I want to tell Trump that terrorists, no... they are refugees," El Yassami tells CNN. "They need help, they don't have anything."

While Harris got to visit El Yassami in Morocco, he is yet to come to the United States because he can't get a visa. Together, the two are advocating for a world that treats newcomers as neighbors, not as enemies. Harris hopes to see a change in our attitude about refugees.

"What a world that we could live in that instead of building walls and closing our borders and putting them in camps making them feel like animals, if we just embrace them, how much that would change our world," Harris said.

You can watch the CNN short on the couple below.



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