Interactive Video Helps You Figure Out Your Best Skin Care Routine

Give your skin the healthy boost it needs.

You may have your hair and makeup routine down pat, but do you know what's best for your skin?

In a new, interactive video for Refinery29, viewers click through a series of buttons to find their best skin care regimens, which includes exfoliating scrubs, makeup removers, moisturizers, and masks. 

First, the video prompts people to click between two options: time to kill or rushed. Then, choose between morning or night to help determine which products are best suited for your own lifestyle.

For example, in choosing a rushed morning routine, Refinery29 recommends a cleansing face wipe, a moisturizer with SPF, a drop of foundation and — voilà! You're ready to rock.

And since maintaining healthy skin is good for our confidence, our well-being, and our comfort, this is one video that's worth watching. 


Check out the full video below for more:


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