Watch Reese Witherspoon Play A Hilarious Game Of Speak Out On 'Ellen'


If you thought that watching Chris Pratt play Speak Out on Ellen was entertaining to watch, you'll love seeing the ever-lovely Reese Witherspoon take a shot at the game. 

The Oscar-winning actress recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her mom's inappropriate text messages, the possibility of a season 2 of her hit HBO series Big Little Lies, and argue with DeGeneres over who Oprah's true BFF is

While she was there, Witherspoon got to participate in a hilarious game of Speak Out. A favorite on The Ellen Show, the game requires one participant to place a plastic mouthguard in their mouth to hold it open. He or she then has to read silly sentences from pre-written cards and the other participant has to try to guess what's being said. The mouthguard makes the player look ridiculous, but it also makes it more difficult to pronounce words properly. 

Witherspoon laughed her way throughout the game, but did such a fantastic job using hand gestures and saying phrases over and over so that DeGeneres could guess all of the sentences correctly. 


Watch the pair play the game in the video below.

DeGeneres made the game even more fun by allowing Witherspoon to play the game for a charity of her choice. As a result of winning the game, $10,000 will be donated to the Child Mind Institute, a charity which raises awareness for American children's mental health.

Want more of Witherspoon? Check out some of the other segments from the episode below:


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