No One Expected THIS To Happen In The Subway... And It's Amazing

This looks so fun.

Reebok Korea created an amazing ad campaign in March to highlight health problems in Korea and the world.


As part of the campaign for their ZPump shoes, Reebok took a very different approach to bringing awareness of their product to the consumer. 

The ad, shown below in a video on their YouTube channel, draws attention to the need for people to stay physically active, particularly office workers.

They called attention to some disturbing facts.

Then brought those facts closer to home for their target audience.

Then they set out to see if they couldn't get workers up and moving a little more actively... in a subway station.

Commuters found themselves suddenly confronted...

With displays that matched them...

against each other...

In a very special kind of challenge, played right there at the station...

Where it definitely paid to be a winner.

Be inspired by the crazy video below.

(H/T: Koreaboo)

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