This Instagram Account Turns Celebrities Into Redheads And The Result Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

We might be just a tiny bit jealous here.

As a kid, I was pretty upset about having freckles all over my face. My mom always told me that these were just "kisses from the sun," and that I should feel special. But I still had my doubts. 

When I hit my teenage years, I realized that, in fact, lots of cool fashion models had freckles. The day I found out that "freckle pencils" — yep, pencils designed specifically for drawing freckles on your face — existed, I finally realized that my mom was right all along. Aren't they always?

But now the whimsical "Put A Rang On It" Instagram account has taken freckle worship to the next level. ("Ranga" is an Australian word for "redhead.") The account posts photos of some of our favorite celebrities, from From Beyoncé to Ellen DeGeneres, transformed into drop dead gorgeous redheads. And yes, now we want to "put a rang on it" even more.

The account was started by Nadia Ahmad and her close friend Josephine Burns (who is a fellow redhead), two advertising creatives in Sydney.

"Redheads are beautiful and should be celebrated," Ahmad told A Plus.

This sends a powerful message — gingers are stunning. Don't believe us? Scroll down to see for yourself. 


The next time someone tells you that being a redhead might not be the most desirable look, well... just show them this.

After all, it doesn't really matter what color your hair is. We all are equally gorgeous, so let's just go and own it.


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