His Wife's Engagement Ring Fell Down A Vent, But There Was No Way This Guy Was Letting The Day Go Down The Drain Too

Well played, mister.

If your wife's engagement ring fell down a vent, it could mean only one thing. Trouble, obvi. And this is exactly what happened to redditor victoknight.

Victoknight knew this had to be addressed urgently. So instead of hiring someone for the save-the-engagement-ring mission, as many folks would certainly have done, this guy decided to save the day himself. And he did it the nerdy way, surely becoming his wife's hero.

Your hear that, hunks? Techy guys are bringing some serious competition.


First thing first — redditor victorknight armed himself with some tools.

And by tools we mean a webcam, a flashlight, and a measuring tape.

"The rig is a webcam and flashlight mounted on the end of a tape measure for stability while threading it down the vent," he explains on Imgur.

Pretty clever.

The webcam gets connected to a laptop. Looks like we're good to go treasure hunting!

Spotted! Lonely engagement ring in a vent pipe.

Oh here it is.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw the ring," victorknight writes on Imgur. "It worked!"

A couple bent clothes hangers later, the ring is safe and sound.

This just proves that we all can be heroes in our own way. 

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