13 People Share The Wisdom They've Learned From Their Dad

"There's always something more to discover."

Sure, we often credit dads for providing us with some of the best, corniest jokes on the planet, but dads can be so wise, too. Every so often, they say something so profound, it stays with us our whole lives. 

Recently, Reddit user One_smitten_kitten asked the online community: "Redditors with good dads: What solid dad wisdom would you share with the rest of us?" This has sparked over 200 comments from Redditors who have stories to share. 

For example, one person said they believe their father's wisdom will shape who they are as a father, too:. They said, "My father always wanted me to be able to express my self [sic] no matter what. He wanted me to question and learn about everything. To this day, I go to him when I'm not sure about something. He enabled me to grow my knowledge beyond anything I ever thought it could be." 

Check out more pieces of "dad wisdom" in the list below:


1. Cats may be necessary.

2. Find your hobbies.

3. Be accountable for your actions.

4. Have a good attitude.

5. "The need is not the call."

6. Express yourself.

7. It's not always about you.

8. Recognize your problems and how you can fix them.

9. "Jobs are good. Friends are good. Jail is bad."

10. Do your best.

11. Share the things you love.

12. Don't lie.

13. And of course, brush your teeth.


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