14 People Say The Moment They Knew Their Partner Was 'The One'

"When I thought of my future, I didn’t want to even imagine it without her."

They say that when you meet "the one," you just know. But for people who haven't met that special person — or think they haven't — that isn't the most helpful advice. People often want more specific relationship advice, and turning to forums on the Internet, such as Reddit, can be a good place to start.  

One Redditor asked the online community, "When did you realize you wanted your S.O. to be your husband/wife, or that your relationship had potential to evolve into marriage?" Those commenting on the thread tell their stories, and give us some insight into how a person knows when a relationship is really, really right.

Here are some of their interesting replies.


1. This person who realized her partner was her best friend.

2. This person who felt like he could be himself with his S.O.

3. This person who saw his future with his S.O.

4. This person who realized she wanted to go to the DMV with her significant other.

5. This man who realized his vacation wasn't the same without his girlfriend.

6. This person who met her "perfect" partner while going through a divorce.

7. This woman who briefly broke up with her boyfriend, but never stopped talking.

8. This introverted woman who didn't feel smothered by her partner.

9. This person who knew right away.

10. This person who valued her partner's honesty and realness.

11. This person whose partner changed his opinion on marriage.

12. This person who found a sense of peace with their partner.

13. This person who had to say goodbye to his girlfriend.

14. This couple who just knew it was right, despite being total opposites.

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