13 People On How They Improved Their Lives Without Making Any Drastic Changes

Steps we can all take.

When we think about changing our lives for the better, we often assume this means doing something major, like changing careers, choosing a life partner, or altering our appearance. 

But really, there are so many simple ways to improve your life that don't involve breaking the bank or undergoing some drastic change. Recently, Reddit user Beastrik asked the Reddit community: "What are you doing to improve the quality of your life?

The thread turned up some pretty interesting results, and some of these measures are steps we can all take to enhance our lives. Check out some of our favorites below. 


1. Exercising

2. Drinking lots of water

3. Quitting bad habits

4. Jamming out

5. Experiencing nature

6. Taking the day

7. Starting school (it counts!)

8. Socalizing

9. Keeping promises and practicing patience

10. Spending time with family

11. Polishing your budget

12. Planning healthy meals

13. Planting and gardening

Cover image via klublu I Shutterstock


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