11 People On The Positive Traits They've Inherited From Their Dad

"Treating people that work for me with respect, kindness and patience."

Beyond your father's hair or the color of his eyes, what sorts of things do you think you've inherited from him? Perhaps it's his knack for a good dad joke, his unwavering determination in the workplace, or his kind heart — whatever it may be, it's important to appreciate all those good traits our dads have given us. 

In a thread started on Thursday, one Reddit user asks the question, "What characteristics did you inherit from your Dad?

With that, people have shared everything from inheriting their father's "obsession with tinkering" to his love and support for their family. 

Check out some of our favorite responses below and hey, even though it's not Father's Day, perhaps now is as good of a time as any to give him a call and say hello.


1. Dad jokes.

2. His wit.

3. His support.

4. Pretty much everything.

5. His organizational skills.

6. The ability to treat people with respect.

7. Love for food and music.

8. His sarcasm.

9. His love of academia.

10. His quirkiness.

11. His conversation style.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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