11 Small Things We Can Do Every Day To Make Ourselves Better

Which will you try?

Accomplishing a long-term goal usually starts by breaking it down into steps, and then working toward those tiny steps every day until the goal is complete. Having daily to-dos can also be a great motivator, and can ultimately help make you a better you. 

So, to find out some of the things people try to accomplish every day, one Redditor asked online community: "What should we all be trying to do at least once a day?"

People responded with positive ways we can make our own lives, and the lives of those around us, a little bit better. 

"Do something nice for someone else. Doesn't have to be huge. It could even just be telling someone they look nice or they did a good job. It makes the world a bit better," one person writes. 

Other people share notes that will positively affect our bodies, such as making it a point to stretch every day, feel gratitude, and laugh. And while these things are simple, making small, manageable lifestyle changes can help make you better in the long-run. 

In fact, research suggests that gratitude boosts health and happiness, earning us new friends, making us less aggressive, increasing our self-esteem, and more. Moreover, laughing has a ton of positive benefits too, like lowering our blood pressure and increasing our body's immunity. 

Check out more suggestions from Reddit below and see if any of these things are goals you'd like to accomplish too.


1. Start setting your goals.

2. Do something nice for someone.

3. Remind your family how much you appreciate them.

4. Stretch it out.

5. Drink that water.

6. Walk to relieve stress.

7. Laugh.

8. Feel gratitude.

9. Accept yourself.

10. Learn something new.

11. Make your bed.

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