13 Reasons Why Adulthood Is Actually Pretty Freaking Cool

Ice cream for breakfast, for one.

When you first think of "adulthood," you may think about all the annoying responsibilities that come along with it: paying your taxes, going to work every morning, parenting, and just feeling tired all the time. But being an adult isn't all that bad. In fact, when you were younger, you were probably pumped to drive, see an R-rated movie, date, and pursue your dream job.

So, to help remind us about some of the forgotten joys of adulthood, one Reddit user asked the online community this question: "Everyone talks about how much it sucks to be an adult, but what about adult life is actually cool?"

Perhaps these positive takes on adulthood will help us remember to appreciate the good in life.


1. Controlling your destiny.

2. Ice cream for breakfast.

3. Purchasing items with your own money.

4. Traveling.

5. Making your own choices.

6. One word: candy.

7. Finding new restaurants.

8. Appreciating the nap.

9. Living your best life.

10. Being independent.

11. Finding perspective.

12. Reaching your goals.

13. Decorating your space.

Cover photo by Shutterstock


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