11 People Share How They Met Their Best Friends

Call your BFF.

Do you remember how you met your best friend? Perhaps it was years and years ago on the playground. Maybe it was in college, and you have the hilarious stories to prove it, or maybe you just met at your new job and can already tell you're forming a lifelong bond. 

In a post on Reddit, one user asked the community to share how they met their best friends, and many have responded with their heartwarming stories.  

For example, one person wrote about "a beautiful day" in September of 1985, when their mother took them to the park. That same day, another mother brought their kid to the park, too. 

"Our moms started to talk a bit at the park," the writer continued. "Legend says that I pointed ... at the other stroller and smiled at the other baby. The baby, who was crying, stopped when he saw another baby. We then exchanged a lot of 'babababa' and 'bibuabu,' and spit bubbles. We laughed a lot, too, apparently. We've been best friends since then."

Take a look at some of our favorite stories below and then go ahead and call your best friend — we bet they'd love hearing from you.


1. The friends who met in college.

2. The friends who met at the park.

3. The friends who met at a class concert.

4. The friends who met at home.

5. The friends who met in high school.

6. The friends who met on the playground.

7. The friends who met after school.

8. The friends who met through their moms.

9. The friends who met finding their way home.

10. The friends who met at work.

11. The friends who met in kindergarten.

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