People Over 40 Give Life Advice To Those In Their 20s. Here Are Their 15 Best Tips.

"Get a regular exercise routine going and stick to it like your quality of life depends on it, because it does."

Being in your 20s can be a challenging and exciting time. On the one hand, most people are figuring out their careers and how to be a "real" adult. They're facing obstacles they never had to deal with before and looking for the right people to have by their side. On the other hand, your 20s are a time to explore your interests, take risks, and figure out who you want to be. 

You can do all these things at different phases of your life, but your 20s are particularly a time of learning, growing, and making mistakes. Luckily, you can look to those who have been there before so you don't make the same ones as them. 


Earlier today, Reddit user wiggyturbo posted a new thread and wrote, "People over 40. What piece of life advice would you give someone in their mid-20s?" The post has already received more than 280 responses. We sifted through some of the replies to highlight some tips we thought were most valuable.  

Below are some of the wisest words of wisdom for those currently in, or approaching, their 20s.  

1. Surround yourself with people who have different skills than you.

2. Spend as much time as you can with your older loved ones.

3. Fight your urge to procrastinate — and win.

4. Make a real effort to care for your health.

5. Give back to your community.

6. Don't burn bridges if you can help it.

7. Develop healthy habits and stick with them.

8. Spend your money on experiences instead of stuff.

9. Read.

10. Your time is precious. Don't waste it.

11. Save your money.

12. Pick up a hobby.

13. Tell yourself the truth.

14. Always try your best at all that you do.

15. Don't be afraid to make a change.

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