11 People Share Their Budgeting Hacks, And They Are So On The Money

Which will you try?

Looking at your bank account, you might be thinking, Where did it all go? Between getting coffee every day, eating out once and awhile, and other daily expenses, it's no surprise money goes fast unless you have a good savings and budget plan. It's important to be conscious about how we spend our earnings, and now one Redditor's asking the online community for budgeting advice and ways to help save money.

In a post on Thursday, one Redditor asked: "What are some simple things you do that save you a lot of money? Saving 'hacks' if you will?"

Of course, everyone's lives are different and there are numerous ways to save, but the thread sparked a slew of responses we can benefit from. Moreover, many of the responses provide pretty simple solutions, which makes saving even easier than we thought.

"Drink water at restaurants. Some of them charge you $2 or $3 for a soft drink. Let alone if you want anything else to drink. Water is super cheap or even free. Obviously eating out is expensive in its own right, but if you want to save a couple of bucks, this is a good first step," one person suggests. 

"Don't shop unless you actually NEED something. So many times I'd wander around a store ... and end up buying a few things because 'Well, I'm already here,' another writes. 

Check out more of our favorite responses below:


1. Cook ahead of time.

2. Buy in bulk when possible.

3. Choose water.

4. Make conscious lifestyle choices.

5. Ask yourself the right questions.

6. Wait before you buy.

7. Add leftover money to your savings account.

8. Learn to DIY.

9. Recycle.

10. Buy things that last.

11. Start thrifting.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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