Guy Compiles A List Of All The Ridiculous Things His GF Says In Her Sleep

"I need more feet."

If you sleep talk and no one hears it, did you even sleep talk? 

Well, one woman definitely did, because her boyfriend was there to hear all of her hilariously nonsensical sleepy ramblings. And fortunately, he wrote them all down on one list for the Internet to enjoy.


1. "I want the little clay things that are spread all around."

2. "I can't do anything right now, I'm in the middle of cups."

3. "We can't make the other one, we don't have the bigger machine."

4. "Some random person is testing me."

5. "I need more feet."

6. "You're not worthy of my trust."

7. "How much left until the map is finished."

8. "I feel like I have keyboards stuck to me."

9. "Give me the flavorful items."

10. "I can't remember why you were going to swap the apples."

11. "I can't fall asleep, I'll get in trouble. Bed bed bed bed bed bed bed."

12. "The parmesan doesn't go like that."

We're not sure what any of these mean, but we hope she finds her feet in the morning.

(H/T: Reddit)

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