Couples Reveal What Really Happens On The First Wedding Night

Sex might have to wait.

The first wedding night has a veil of wonder wrapped around it. It's supposed to be that magical time when you and your partner embrace each other in the bed full of rose petals.

Too bad it often isn't.

In a recent Q&A, married Redditors reveal what the first wedding night is really about. Read their funny stories below.


For the first time in my life I said, "Can we just cuddle tonight?" I was too drunk.

"We spent the evening eating leftovers from our reception and talking/laughing about the big day. Then we slept, and it was wonderful."

"Sex, then ate Oreos in bed. 10/10."

"We slept."

"We drank champagne, ate a mars bar and watched music video's until we passed out."

"Counted the money our guests gave us...then had spectacular, guilt-free sex!"

"We went home, he helped me take the pins out of my hair, and then I took a shower to get all of the hairspray out. Then we went to bed."

"Sex, then drinking with friends."

Cover image via Shutterstock /  Studio Peace.

Do you have a good first night memory? Share it with us!


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