13 People Share Their Adorable, And Sometimes Awkward, First Kiss Stories

"That first kiss is seared into my memory."

It's hard to forget your first kiss. It may have been awkward, it may have been perfect, it may have been with someone you loved, it may have been with a friend, or even a stranger. 


In a recent Reddit thread, one user asks people to share their first kiss stories, which churned up a bunch of memories associated with that one moment. One person said  it happened when they were 17 with the first girl they loved. Another person wrote about it happening on New Year's Eve, with a person they subsequently dated for four years. And one hilarious account discussed an awkward exchange on a trampoline. 

Whether you've been kissed or not, we hope these heartwarming stories will help to make your day a little bit better. Check out some of our favorites below:

1. At 17.

2. On New Year's Eve.

3. On the trampoline.

4. Sharing a laugh.

5. Sittin' in a tree.

6. At a high school dance.

7. In a classroom.

8. On a boat.

9. On the Fourth of July.

10. At homecoming.

11. On a bench.

12. Watching the sunset.

13. In a '56 Ford.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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