11 Students Share Their Most Efficient Study Tactics, And They're Actually So Useful

No. 3 really works.

There are lots of struggles that come with studying: the need for coffee, a quiet place to work, the perfect music playlist, good lighting, snacks, headphones, computers — the list goes on and on. But even if conditions are just right, it's still so hard not to procrastinate. 

Every so often, however, we find those ways that make studying efficient, and when that happens, we try to replicate our tactics. Recently, one Reddit user asked the students of the online community what their best, most efficient study method is.

Their answers have generated a helpful guide to studying that both present and future students can use. For example, one person reminds us of the importance of imagination when it comes to studying. Another person says you'll know you've studied properly when you can "teach what you're learning." Of course, not all of these tips will suit every person's needs, but there may be a few worth trying. 

Check out some of these efficient study tips below and then hey, hit the books.


1. Use your imagination.

2. Listen to your notes.

3. Be able to teach it.

4. Meet with friends.

5. Quiz yourself.

6. Organize with images.

7. Find your own style.

8. Rewrite your notes.

9. Hold your own 'classes.'

10. Study in groups.

11. Break up your time.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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