Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson, And Other Celebrities Mock This Type Of Video While Making The Best One Yet

"Were any of us in the same room together?"

You know all those videos that call for you to make a difference through a donation of some kind? 

They're often filled with various celebrities sitting by themselves with the same background behind them. The celebrities, who are never in the same frame together, stare directly into the camera and finish each other's sentences thanks to some uninspired editing. Yeah, you know the ones. 

Well, in a video that's exactly like that, a bunch of celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson, Zac Efron, Tracy Morgan, Lena Dunham, and more mock the practice in an effort to raise awareness about Red Nose Day, a biannual event that raises money to help children out of poverty

"We're doing that thing where a bunch of celebrities are edited together so that each celebrity says one sentence or less of a heartfelt plea or says nothing and just looks serious," a bunch of celebrities say in the video. 

"Were any of ever in the same room together?" DeGeneres asks. 

"No, we were not," Liam Neeson says. 

"But is it pretty impressive there are so many of us?" Kristen Bell asks. 

"Yeah, it is," Anna Kendrick says. 

Mocking the multi-celebrity plea makes this the best multi-celebrity plea we've seen yet. 


Check it out in the video below:


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