Major Brands Are Dropping Letters From Their Names In Support Of The Red Cross

"Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood."

Surprised by Oreo's suddenly O-less logo? Wondering why IBM's marketing team apprarently decided to nix its B?

In the summer months, blood donations can be harder to come by. So this year, the American Red Cross launched its #MissingTypes campaign: a call for Americans to remember to donate blood, bolstered by some of the biggest brands in the world.


To participate in the campaign, brands temporarily shaded out, or removed, the As, Bs, and Os in their logos, in an effort to call attention to the need for type A, B, and O blood donations. Google, Domino's, State Farm, PayPal, and the New York Yankees were among the brands that removed letters to raise awareness. A Plus took part as well.

Brian Boyle, a car crash survivor and partnerships officer at the American Red Cross, emphasized the impact of blood donations in a previous interview.

"Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood," Boyle told A Plus. "Back in July of 2004, I was one of those people. And I don't forget that. When you go in there and you give that donation, whether it's your first time or your 100th donation, you're going to be able to impact somebody and save up to potentially three lives by that one hour of your time."

To learn more about how to give blood, visit the Red Cross's website. You may just save a life

Cover image via  Matej Kastelic / Shutterstock.


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