Rebel Wilson Tweets To Warn Women About The Dangers Of Spiked Drinks

Sadly, it's still very common.

This weekend, Australian comedian and actress Rebel Wilson took to Twitter to share an unpleasant experience with her followers and spread some much-needed awareness about the dangers of spiked drinks. 

Although it's nearly impossible to know how prevalent spiking is as victims may not report their experiences, data suggests that at least 25 percent of women who have been raped believe drugging was a factor.

Due to the stigma surrounding drug-facilitated sexual assault, it is really important that more people speak openly about their experiences and bring awareness to this issue.


Wilson, who doesn't do drugs and consumes little alcohol, says she was at "a trendy" nightclub when she noticed something weird about her drink.

Wilson says she never thought it would happen to her and encouraged fans to protect themselves when on a night out.

The tell-tale signs of being "roofied" or otherwise drugged include drowsiness, nausea, loss of muscle control, and trouble talking. These symptoms may persist even when the drug wears off — Wilson described feeling like she was "hit by a truck" the next morning.

Although prevention of drink-spiking is not an easily achievable task, mainly because it happens in crowded, social places, there are multiple ways to reduce the chances of such unwanted act:

— Don't accept drinks from strangers and don't share your drink with other people;

— Always keep an eye on your drink: when it's made, when it's sitting on the countertop, even when you go to a restroom;

— If a drink tastes, smells or looks strange (cloudy), pour it out;

— If you feel sudden, extreme drowsiness, loss of orientation and coordination, nausea or hallucinations, seek help immediately.


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