Rebel Wilson And Jimmy Fallon Reimagine A Few Holiday Songs According To Google Translate

"Ancient sparrows fight with Carol."

Google Translate may not always be accurate, but, as we've learned in recent years, it does make for some pretty hilarious song parodies. YouTuber Malinda Kathleen Reese consistently makes us laugh with her "Google Translate Sings" series, and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has his own series of poorly translated karaoke.

On Tuesday, Fallon invited Pitch Perfect 3 star Rebel Wilson to join him in singing Google Translate versions of a few popular holiday songs, from "Deck the Halls" to "Winter Wonderland." The results, as you'll notice, make it sound like the pair had a little too much eggnog.


For some reason, the classic "fa la la" refrain in "Deck the Halls" becomes "par alar alar," as Wilson sings about wearing "untroubled garments" and ancient sparrows who are fighting with a woman named Carol.

"I like those lyrics," Wilson says when the song is over. "Those lyrics should be the lyrics."

Later, she and Fallon team up for a duet of "Winter Wonderland," which takes a dark turn in Google Translate's version. The new title is "I Ran Through the Land of Cold Unknowns," and we may never look at a snow day the same way again.

Hear every unusual lyric in the video below:


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