Gorgeous Model With Bionic Arm Embraces Her Disability And Will Walk In New York Fashion Week

"We should be celebrating uniqueness."

Model Rebekah Marine will strut down the FTL Moda runway at this year's New York Fashion Week, celebrating her uniqueness by showing off her bionic arm.

Marine, who has an i-limb quantum prosthetic hand, was born without a forearm, according to Mashable

Four years ago, she began modeling when "she realized she could turn her disability into something inspirational and become a spokesperson," Mashable's Hayley Wilbur writes.


“It's so important to include more diverse models, because after all, nearly one in five people in America have a disability,” Marine tells the publication. “We should be celebrating uniqueness, not conforming to what the media thinks is beautiful.”

In a video for NJ.com, Marine demonstrates exactly how her bionic arm works. She says that there are two sensors attached to her and that when she uses her muscles, they will trigger certain movements in her hand. 

Back in February, Marine walked for designer Antonio Urzi at a New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion show at Lincoln Center, and looked absolutely incredible...

In the show, entitled "Loving You," Marine wore a metal glove over her bionic arm, and it was decorated with silver and black rhinestones and sparkles to match the rest of her look.

Other models with disabilities joined Marine on the runway — and they will again at the upcoming show.

According to Mashable, Marine works with The Lucky Fin Project, an organization that celebrates "being made a little differently" and still accomplishing your goals. (The name is a nod to the title character's "lucky fin" in the movie "Finding Nemo.")

The organization also exists "to raise awareness and celebrate children and individuals born with symbrachydactyly or other limb differences," according to its website.

You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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