This Stranger Just Wrote A Heartfelt Note To The Female Vet They Said Should 'Learn To Read'

There was no return address.

One week after a veteran responded to a sexist note she found on her car, she reportedly received an apology letter at her office.

Last week, Rebecca Landis Hayes returned to her vehicle in the parking lot of a grocery store and discovered a note on her windshield from a stranger. Hayes, who spent eight years of service in the United States Navy, was parked in a designated space for veterans.

"This parking is for veterans, lady," the note read. "Learn to read and have some respect."

Hayes shared the note on Facebook and responded to it with a powerful message that received over 12,000 shares. She was a veteran, she said, and she was sorry that the writer's worldview was so small that they had assumed that a woman couldn't be one.

After the Facebook post went viral, Hayes received an apology letter that she claims is from the person who sent her the original note. She emailed the letter to A Plus.

"It was mailed to my work," Hayes wrote to A Plus. "No return address, no signature. It was in my inbox."

According to the handwritten letter, the writer decided to write to Hayes after reading her Facebook message.

"I appreciate your service to the country and I highly respect military men and women," the letter reads. "It was an error in judgment, and again, I'm sorry for that."


Rebecca Landis Hayes

Hayes says she appreciated the heartfelt letter.

"It's nice to know that people still take responsibility for their mistakes, and a sincere 'I'm sorry' can go a long way," she told Virginia television station WAVY.


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