Artist Uses Comic Illustrations To Explains Why Cats Purr

You had no idea. No idea at all.

Purr... Ever wondered where does that heavenly sound come from?

Self-taught artist Rebecca Hawkes has several versions for you to consider. Her series "Why Cats Purr" features a number of quirky illustrations exploring various possibilities of this mysterious feline language.

Even if they aren't bone hard scientific facts, we think every cat owner will enjoy a pinch of humor related to their furry friends.


Can it be they're actually washing machines? Or tractors?

Maybe there's a whole new universe inside our felines?

Maybe their tummies include chainsaws and beehives?

Lovely rattlesnakes vs. bubbles, whichever you prefer.

And our favorite, fact-shattering explanation: purratroopers.

Truth is, the true reasons behind purring are still highly debated. Although we assume that cats purr expressing pleasure or communicating with their youngs, they also do it while undergoing a lot of stress.

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(Cover image: We Heart It)

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