11 Reasons To Start Accentuating Your 'Imperfections' And Stop Hiding

Sometimes the most liberating thing you can do is to just let yourself be you.

We all have our own personalities, looks, styles, and opinions. Yet, we often feel pressured to fit expected ideals and conventions inflicted on us by the media, friends and family, and even ourselves. While we might think conforming will make us more accepted, it ultimately hinders us from being our authentic, true selves. 

Sometimes shedding all the artifice, and just showing off our "imperfections" loud and proud can be the thing that frees us. That said, this is often easier said than done as so many of us have been told our whole lives to hide our "imperfections" with makeup, flattering clothes, Photoshop, etc. 

Thanks to social media, however, it's easier than ever before to find a role model who looks like you, or is simply touting the benefits of body positivity, self-love, and individuality. Spreading such messages benefits everyone. 

In the spirit of self-love, here are 11 reasons why you shouldn't be afraid to accentuate your "imperfections," which aren't imperfections at all. 


1. It's a step toward alleviating some of the shame we may carry with us.

When you stop hiding the parts of your body you feel most ashamed of, you may start to notice other people are not focused on your "imperfections" at all. Or perhaps, they do notice those "imperfections," and love them. 

Simply choosing to stop being your own worst critic and shifting your attitude (easier said than done, we know!), can be a huge weight lifted. Like immersion therapy, sometimes the quickest way to jolt such a change is to just draw attention to the thing you feel you hate the most. Once you start showing it off — whether it be your cellulite, acne, scars, gray hair, etc — you'll be on the path to stop associating shame with that part of yourself. 

2. Once we start accentuating our "imperfections," we can move away from unrealistic beauty standards that negatively impact us all.

No one is "perfect," and most people are far from the beauty ideals set for us by society. Most of these standards are unachievable and negatively impact us all. If we all start to celebrate the things that make us different, however, our definition of what is beautiful will continue to expand. 

3. When we start loving every part of ourselves, we'll serve as role models for others to do the same.

Accentuating your imperfections don't just benefit you; it can also benefit others, including friends, family, and strangers. When a person sees someone they identify with be confident about something society tells us to otherwise be ashamed of, it shows them it's OK to be different.  Already, there are so many role models in this arena, including Tess Holliday, who recently appeared on the cover of Self's digital magazine to talk about size diversity and trolling.

4. Showing off the things that make us feel insecure helps reveal a more vulnerable side.

There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable. In fact, it's actually during periods of vulnerability that lead to growth. What's more, being vulnerable can strengthen relationships. 

5. Accentuating our "imperfections" shows the world we are confident.

Even if you aren't feeling confident about those stretch marks, or acne scars, or whatever it may be, sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. Accentuating those parts of yourself sends a message to the world that you love every part of you, and once others believe this, you might find it's easier to start believing it, too. 

6. When we stop hiding, we feel most liberated.

When you own all aspects of who you are, it's freeing. It helps you get out of a negative head space and into one of self-love and acceptance. Model and body positivity activist Ashely Graham is always one to show off her "imperfections" and highlight them in empowering photographs on her Instagram. She speaks to how freeing it is to leave society's unrealistic standards behind and to just be yourself at all times. 

7. Overcoming mental blocks that once stopped us from showing off our "imperfections" is an empowering journey.

We all have our reasons for lacking confidence about a certain aspect of our bodies. Finally being able to shed all the things that once stopped us from wearing a two piece bathing suit, or going outside without foundation, or leaving a wig behind, or anything else, symbolizes the many ways we've grown, and reminds us that life is a journey. 

8. It can make us look at perfectionism in a different way.

Those who have embraced their body's "imperfections" will likely start to look at other aspects of their lives differently, too. Suddenly, you may find yourself questioning yourself less, and putting more creative energy into the world. Take Crazy Ex Girlfriend actress Rachel Bloom, for example. She is out there doing her thing, and not afraid to let the world know when she's having an acne flare up, as we all do at times. Sometimes just accepting your "imperfections" is the first step toward unleashing your potential. 

9. We will find it easier to let go of things.

It can take a leap of faith to go outside of your comfort zone, but it can lead to a new attitude. If you're accepting of your "imperfections" you might find the attitude carrying over to other things from relationships to ideals to goals.

10. It puts things into perspective.

Ultimately our "imperfections" don't matter too much in the grand scheme of things. What matters is whether or not you are a good, loving person to yourself and to others. This Is Us actor  Lonnie Chavis, reminded us of this when he posted a message on Instagram to those who bullied him about the gap in his teeth. When bullies told him to fix his teeth, he told them to "fix their heart." 

11. It could give us confidence to do things we previously didn't think we were capable of.

If you were hung up on your "imperfections" and you embrace them, it will hopefully make you realize that if you can do this, you can do a lot of other things. That philosophy could take your life in some very exciting new directions.

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