The Best Things About 6 Candidates Left In The Presidential Race

Each has at least one redeeming quality.

As America gets set to choose its set of candidates for the 2016 Presidential race, you'll mostly hear about reasons not to vote for someone. Instead, we're going to give you one reason each of the six most likely candidates left might be worthwhile. We've ordered them based on their party (alternating) and the likelihood of winning based on the latest polls.


1. Hillary Clinton

Criminal justice reform. Clinton has been very aggressive in her talking points about reforming our prison system, an institution that jails more of its citizens than any other country else in the world. Unlike many topics discussed during this election season, reforming the way our justice system works seem to have bipartisan support

2. Donald Trump

You're going to hear his honest opinion, whether you like it or not. In a season of political expediency, where candidates frequently change positions on certain topics or speak differently to different audiences, Trump seems to always be transparent and unscripted.

3. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders will not be influenced by big money and major corporations. For decades, nobody has been making more noise about corruption because of big money and special interests. Sanders has repeatedly said one of his first acts as president will be taking political power back from major corporations and giving it to the people once again. 

4. Ted Cruz

If you hate taxes, there's a good chance you'll like Ted Cruz. The Texas senator has proposed a simple flat tax plan that will "abolish the IRS" and calls for a single low, flat tax of 10 percent, which would lower taxes for many Americans. He also claims we'll see "every American filling out his or her taxes on a postcard or iPhone app." 

5. Martin O'Malley

Martin O'Malley may have the most progressive plan for moving the United States to clean energy. He is calling for zero fossil fuels by 2050, and in a column written for USA Today said that "new technologies now put an independent clean energy future decidedly within our reach as a nation." On the heels of our hottest year ever, O'Malley seems to have a stronger vision than any candidate. 

6. Marco Rubio

Our veterans will probably be better off. Rubio has led bipartisan efforts to rework our broken Veterans Affairs system, namely introducing legislation that allows VA secretaries to remove people based on poor performance.  

From his website: "Beyond the VA, Marco has helped put in place stronger financial protections for veterans targeted by scammers, promoted efforts to ensure that veterans have additional educational and employment options after their service, and expanded patient-centered health care options for veterans with service-connected disabilities."

Cover image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images.


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