3 Awesome Reasons To Say "Good Morning" To A Stranger

Who knows? They might not stay a stranger for long.


If you want to have a "good morning," one great way to start is by saying it to someone else. Even if you're not naturally an extrovert, you can challenge yourself to make a small, yet meaningful, connection with a stranger. And who knows? If the other person is returns your greeting, they might not be a stranger for long. 

Here's three awesome reasons why you should say "good morning" today: 

1. Give yourself something to look forward to on your morning commute.

Many people get stuck in the rut of the same-ole morning commute every day. To shake up your routine, try saying "good morning" to someone you've never seen before, or maybe someone you're used to seeing every day. While it may seem intimidating, empowering yourself to open up to others may soon be the first thing you look forward to as soon as you wake up.

2. It will brighten someone else's morning.

Just as saying "good morning" can help you start the day with a positive attitude, that sunny disposition can spark a beneficial change in a total stranger, too. Wishing someone a good morning might just be the thing they need to hear that ensures they have one. You never know how profound an effect your kind words can have on another person until you try! 

3. It could strike up a conversation that will lead to a new friend.

Before you know it, "good morning" could be the beginning of a great conversation. If you happen to hit it off with the person you greeted, that single conversation could lead to a lifelong friendship. As many can attest, all it takes is one chance encounter with one special person to change your life in the best way possible. 

Cover image: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock


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