20 Good Reasons To Dislike Autumn

Fall, fall go away don't come back until we say.

1. It's getting darker and darker outside. 6 am looks something like this.


2. Everything around you is basically dying.

3. The weather is PMSing. It's sort of warm but then it's cold, windy, dry but also damp.

4. Thanks to this, you have to dress up like a human onion.

5. Now every day is a bad hair day.

6. Bought a nice pair of shoes? Let autumn crush them with an unexpected rain storm.

7. Your skin starts to hate you and turns into a dry sponge.

8. It's fifty shades of grey outside and looks nothing like the wondrous autumn pics you see on the Internet.

9. You get sick. Inevitably.

10. Spiders crawl out of every corner.

11. Pumpkin spice is the only spice in autumn.

12. The foods are all greasy and heavy. And probably made from pumpkins.

13. But then comes Halloween and you are expected to fit into those bikini-like costumes they sell at the stores.

14. There's dead leaves EVERYWHERE.

15. Mushroom picking sounds fun. Too bad you know nothing about them.

16. You're somehow always tired.

17. Autumn has no REAL holidays and is all about work.

18. You have to start wearing wool. And it itches.

19. New students come to town and remind how old you really are.

20. You've had more than half a year to achieve something but didn't. Now you still have time to do it but... who are we kidding?

(Cover image: We Heart It)

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