9 Crazy Reasons Your Password Is Being Hacked Right Now. Seriously.

Protect yourself.

It seems that people are making the same mistakes with their passwords. And given all of the data breaches in the news, identity theft is inevitable. Telesign just released an infographic about this and we are adding more unbelievable facts about password security.

Here are nine things you must know about password security before your account gets hacked:


1. 2 in 5 people have been victimized in the past year.

40 percent of people had accounts compromised, including passwords that have been stolen.

2. Public computers are password death traps.

People who use public computers don't realize that they kept accounts open after they left and their passwords may have not be encrypted.

3. People using old passwords.

4. Digital copies of passwords get in the wrong hands.

Some people create a digital sheet with their passwords on their computer and this puts their passwords at risk. A physical notebook is a safer option.

5. 12345 is among the most popular passwords.

Hasn't this scene from Spaceballs taught you anything? People are using obvious combinations like "12345",  "123456" and "password" as actual passwords. These passwords leave consumers vulnerable to hacking.

6. Ignoring password audits.

If you want to check the security and strength of your passwords, there are password audits and tests that can help. It is silly not to use them.

7. 73 percent of people are using duplicate passwords.

Using the same password across multiple accounts is a huge mistake. Once one account is compromised, then other ones will follow. It's like a domino effect.

8. Stay away from password storage companies.

While there are companies that store passwords for you, they might not be trustworthy. A password-storing company was recently hacked. While ironic, it shows that these companies might not be the safest option.

9. A two-factor authentication could be the answer.

With a two-factor authentication, a consumer gives two types of identification from separate categories of credentials. This will reduce the risk of getting your account hacked.

(H/T: Telesign)


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