Marvel's Two Chrises Team Up To Help Sick Kids

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a Super Bowl bet of epic proportions.

Their Marvel superhero characters have yet to appear together on the big screen, but Chris Evans and Chris Pratt are off-screen friends. Their friendship was put to the test, however, when their teams went head-to-head in the Super Bowl. Evans, a Boston native, is a die hard Patriots fan, while Pratt was rooting for the Seahawks. Mere mortals may have made bets involving money and friendly humilitation, but these two decided to wager with their on-screen alter egos.

The bet was simple: if the Seahawks won, then Evans would visit the Seattle Children's Hospital dressed as Captain America and carry a 12th man flag. If the Patriots won, then Chris Pratt would visit Christopher's Haven in Boston dressed as Star-Lord wearing a Tom Brady jersey.   


Fans were so excited to see the Twitter bet come to fruition that merch began to crop up all over the internet. 

Thanks to Pratt's wife Anna Faris, fans were treated to a picture of the dueling Chrises enjoying the game in person. 

In the end, Evans' Patriots won the Super Bowl, as well as helping one of its own win a very high-profile bet. In a true act of heroism, Evans announced that although he won the bet, Captain America would be paying a visit to the Seattle Children's hospital. In the end, everyone was a winner. 

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