This Girl Is The Closest We'll Ever Get To Real Life Mermaids

So Ariel is real after all.

Ever wished to have a pair of gills and live in the beautiful depths of the sea?

If not, we promise you will after seeing these images. A mother and daughter from the Bahamas have dedicated their lives to convincing people everything is way better under water.


Professional photographer Elena Kalis teamed up with her daughter Alexandra, or Sacha, to present the stunning underwater worlds they experience living in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sacha is a great swimmer and, according to her website, "she learned to swim before she could walk". Her mother always encouraged her daughter's natural affinity for the underwater world full of the most unordinary friends: dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and turtles. 

Thanks to her daugher's talent and fearlessness, Elena is able to create these dreamlike images soaked with light, movement and mystery.

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