This Real-Life 'Mario Kart' Mash-Up Will Bring Out All Your Childhood Nostalgia

It's-a me!

Anyone who grew up playing Nintendo gaming systems knows that Mario Kart is just about the most fun you can have at a sleepover with a few friends and four controllers. Competition, thumb cramps, watering eyes, staying up late, irritating your parents — it's childhood in a nutshell.

The good people at CorridorDigital probably had more than a few of these nights when they were kids (and possibly as adults), otherwise they wouldn't have put so much care into creating an awesome video of what Mario Kart would look like in real life, replacing the classic kart with a skateboard.


At first it just looks like a dude dressed up like Luigi on a skateboard.

But then ... that's not supposed to be there.

Thread the needle.

Mind the Koopa shell.

Watch the rest of the classic Mario Kart callouts in the full video:


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