The Internet Asked How Dogs Should Wear Pants. Real-Life Dogs Delivered The Answer.

He would wear them like this.

If you missed the meme circulating the Interwebs at the end of 2015 about whether a dog would wear pants on its front two legs or on all four legs, feast your eyes: 


The meme, created by a 19-year-old Belgian artist named Norbert K first went viral after being posted to Facebook by Twitter and Imgur user Utopian Raspberry. Ever since, it has sparked controversy and debate around the world, with people fighting for either the two-legged or four-legged design. Conflicting opinions on the matter have torn families and friends apart and caused rifts that can never be mended. 

OK, maybe it wasn't that intense, but people still had pretty strong opinions one way or the other.  But here to put the question to rest is Muddy Mutts, a company that produces an underbody coat for dogs to protect their bellies from the cold, mud and other elements. 

So, for people still wondering if a dog would wear two-legged or four-legged pants, the answer is four-legged. End of story. And for those questioning how the pants would stay up, just take a look at Muddy Mutt's ingenious design:  

There you have it. 81 percent of you were WRONG.

(H/T: DesignTaxi


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