This Device Turns Shaking Butts Into A Musical Instrument

Twerking has never had a cooler purpose than this.

Nicki Minaj might have pioneered using a dancer's derriere as a musical instrument. But even she couldn't have foreseen what a group of geniuses from across the pond were about to invent.


Dutch design company OWOW and Danish audio design company AIAIAI worked together to create the "Booty Drum."

"The Booty Drum is a device that records movement through accelerometers attached to the dancer's booty," OWOW writes on their website. 

In other words, it turns your butt into a drum machine where every move translates into a particular sound. 

With the help of Portuguese music producer Branko and professional dancer Twerk Queen Louise, AIAIAI and OWOW managed to create a solid track (listen here) powered solely by Louise's rear end.

According to the creators, the idea for this project was born out of the need to provide music lovers with a new music experience. They chose twerking as a way to appeal to the mass audience, but also wanted to explore it in a different format than anyone did before.

"The project explores the rich heritage of bass-driven club culture where dancing and booty-shaking are integral elements. We want to see if it's possible to change the perception of twerking through placing it in a technology-driven, creative context," says AIAIAI.

(H/T: The Creators Project)

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