Beauty Blogger's Viral Video Might Just Change The Way You Look At Yourself

"What else is wrong with me, Rachel?"

When we were kids, we didn't spend so much time looking in the mirror and criticizing ourselves. Somewhere along the way, our self-confidence took a hit and we became our own biggest critics. 

Beauty blogger Rachel Levin's recent poignant video might just help you be less critical of yourself. On her wildly popular YouTube channel Rclbeauty101, she posted a video titled "I Am Ugly."

In it, Levin puts on makeup in a large mirror, but quickly doesn't like what she sees. She starts negatively commenting on her appearance, a behavior we all know too well. 

"My dark circles are literally too dark to put concealer on," she says to herself. "My lips are literally so small and my nose is so big and my eyebrows are so bushy!" 

Suddenly, her mirror image becomes her younger self. "What else is wrong with me, Rachel?" her reflection asks. 

Levin, of course, isn't going to say those horrible things to a child. She tries to take back her harsh words, but her younger self has already heard them. The damage to her self-confidence has already been done. 

The video ends with an important message: "If you wouldn't say it to yourself when you were little, then why would you say it to yourself now?" 

The short video has already been viewed over 3 million times and clearly resonates with people everywhere. We could all be better at practicing self-love.

Watch the video for yourself below: 



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