Longest Marriage Proposal Ever? This One Took 5 Months.

Just say "yes" already!

Usually, when someone asks their significant other for their hand in marriage, they ask them once: "Will you marry me?" 

But not Ray Smith. 

No, this guy asked his girlfriend 148 times if she would marry him.


What — 148 times and she didn't say yes?

Smith's girlfriend and now fiancée, Claire Bramley, told Metro, "I had no clue, I was totally oblivious to it all."

In a video Smith posted to his YouTube account he explains how in the summer of 2015 he got the unique idea to propose to the love of his life. 

In June, the couple found out Claire was pregnant. At the end of July, Smith, who reportedly had been planning to propose "for awhile,"  told his girlfriend he wanted to take pictures of her to track the baby's progress. 

She went along with it and soon Smith had quite the collection of photos.

In every photo, Smith held a little card that read "Will you marry me."

Every time they took a selfie, Smith made sure to snap a second one without the card so that Bramley would stay clueless about her cheeky boyfriend's master plan.

She really had no idea ...

Until Christmas Day.

On Christmas, he finally asked her to marry him and she said yes!

"I said yes straight away, I didn't need to think about it," said Bramley. "I got a bit emotional, but I am pregnant after all."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Take a look at the five-month-long proposal in this video below:

(H/T: Metro)


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