Coaches Don't Get More Intense Than This Guy

If only we all had his passion.

"Ray Ganong Is An Icon."

That was the headline from Card Chronicle's short video write-up about the Louisville Cardinal's basketball trainer. After watching the quick, 47-second video you'll understand why.

Ganong, who is in his 30th season as a strength and conditioning coach with Louisville, can be seen willing the team to a victory during their amazing comeback win against the University of North Carolina last week. 

"Pass and move! Pass and move!" he screams, banging on a stack of chairs he's holding for what we can only imagine is emotional support.

As a sports fan, you can't help but love seeing this kind of passion. The truth is, it works: Ganong has a National Championship in three different sports, according to his Louisville profile. He's also served as a trainer under five different National Championship coaches. 

Ganong's intensity is impressive even compared to the many crazed, GIF-worthy coaches out there. Like these guys, for instance.


Maybe he should be a coach instead?

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